Creeper Survival Map [1.4.5]

Minecraft Maps — December 1, 2012, 1:37 am


  • You must survive 21 waves of creepers.
  • Everytime you press the start button you need to survive 3 waves before you can go back to the buy zone.
  • Every 3 waves you have 2 points (currency) you can spend on armor, weapon, potion, food, TnT (place them on bedrock to activate) and a special weapon (cost 2 points and can be purchased once you reach waves 12).
  • Weapon, armor and potion are randoms when you buy them.
  • The game become harder as you advances go through the waves.

Download Minecraft Creeper Survival Map [1.4.5]:

Creeper Survival Map


Credits: Rezzus

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