Plants vs Zombies Map for minecraft

Minecraft Maps — January 26, 2013, 3:52 pm



  • Auto firing flowers
  • Land mines
  • House damage detection
  • Gold rewards and Purchase system
  • Huge Sunflower!!


  • Play in Easy mode
  • Purchase flowers with gold by dropping gold in each feeding well. This will active the flower for 5mins.
  • Game is over when your house health reaches zero

Download Minecraft Plants vs Zombies Map:


Credits: disco_

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  1. Naughty111111 says:

    If you throw a gold into the hole by the flower it will shoot 1 arrow and then stop and than you have to pick up the gold at the bottom throw it down again and it will shoot another arrow and the zombies don’t even spawn in the water than I tried to buy landmines and all it did was blow up after it blew up the flowers worked right and now im confused

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