The Hunger Games

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Texture Pack: Soartex Custom Fanver

Map Specs:

Map holds 1-20 people PLUS one additional member, the master of ceremonies.

For the master of ceremonies, choose someone who you recon should be pretty mature about it and NOT abuse power.

Regular players play the game, the master of ceremonies controls the game.

When you spawn ALL players must stand on the glowstone on of the the center positions (except the master of cermonies) the center positions look very much like this:

So all players must be standing on the glow stone in their designated slots. The master of ceremonies MUST make sure everyone is in their slots before begining.



  • 1) You may not leave the island (even in a boat).
  • 2) You may break logs, vines, leaves and ladders.
  • 3) You may NOT break anyother block then those listed above.
  • 4) You may craft the following:
    • Workbench
    • Ladder
    • Wooden sword
    • Bow
    • Fishing rod
    • Wooden axe
    • Sticks (is implied)
  • 5) You may not attack the master of cermonies.
  • 6) The game starts when the tnt goes off


  • 1) Do not spam click the redstone buttons in the control room.
  • 2) If a player gets stuck you may chose to help or let die.
  • 3) You MUST make sure everyone is in their spots before lowering the stairs/gates.
  • 4) Kill anyone who breaks the rules.
  • 5) you may change the time of the world.
  • 6) You may change the weather of the world.
  • 7) You may start fires in the world (not deliberately on the player, do not abuse power)
  • 8) You may spawn mobs in the world (not deliberately on top of a player, do not abuse power)
  • 9) You may add or remove items from the center chest ONLY, no other chests.
  • 10) Wait for torch to turn on before hitting the tnt ignition button.


  • 1) Make sure creeper explosions are turned OFF.
  • 2) Add mods that you feel will either increase or decres difficulty.
  • 3) Set the map difficulty to atleast Normal.

Download The Hunger Games for Minecraft:


Credits to: Techno

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