Where can we find the Minecraft Maps Folder? Where are the Minecraft Map/Saves Saved?

Minecraft Maps — March 11, 2012, 9:50 am

1. Click on the folder called “Minecraft” on your Computer, where you downloaded the Game.

2. Or you can search if you have windows 7 or vista for “Minecraft”.

3. Rename the save file/map appropriately (World1, World2, etc.) and place it there.

Sometimes it’s under the Users Drive, and under the AppData -> Roaming -> .Minecraft

There are three different ways to check.

The folder that contains all the important files of Minecraft is located in the .minecraft folder.  Without those files, you can’t play Minecraft.    The BIN folder contains the minecraft.jar file.  Even the sounds will be located in the Resource folder.  The stats folder which displays all statistics is there too.  Texture Packs will be there.  And LastLogin contains all information on login info.  The settings file is the file that options.txt.

Method #1:
To Find it, open My Computer and enter in %appdata% in the address bar:

You should find .minecraft folder at the top:

Click it Twice and You will see All Folders.

You have just learned the first way. The second method is different and maybe simpler, which i will show you now.

Method #2:
Open Minecraft, click on the Texture Packs tab and click Open texture packs folder:

You are currently in your .minecraft, now go up 1 folder and you will see all the folders and files listed above:

Now you know 2 methods, and now for the last one. Its pretty much like Method #1, but its easier in the long run.

Method #3:
Do method #1. When you enter your %appdata%, right click on your .minecraft folder, select Send To and select desktop:

This will make a shortcut on your desktiop directly linking you to your .minecraft folder:

Now you’ve learned all 3 methods on how to access your .minecraft folder!


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